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Oh My God It's Sam & Dean!

Oh My God It's Sam and Dean!


Characters - Jared/Gabby, Jensen/Jenny, Eric, Kim and Misha

Summary - Huge Supernatural fans Gabby and Jenny magically swap themselves into Jared and Jensen's bodies during filming causing chaos, confusion and comedy.

Author's Notes - I wrote this in 30 minutes after waking up having a dream. Its unbeta'd so all mistakes are mine.



Jared and Jensen who were waiting for Eric to yell action to begin the next scene suddenly froze and their eyes glazed over. They stood almost zombie like until their eyes cleared up changing back to their normal colours.

Jared blinked and looked over spotting Jensen who was looking equally stunned back at him.

"Jenny?" Jared asked, taking a step forward towards him.

"Gabby?" Jensen spoke softly looking up into Jared's face.

Jared and Jensen were suddenly squealing and jumping up and down hugging one another bouncing around in circles.

"Oh my god Jenny it worked!" Jared said looking slightly manic.

Jenny who was inhabiting Jensen's body stared at her best friend Gabby who was inhabiting Jared's body "Dude.... you're my best friend but I really wanna hug you right now.... maybe hump you a little too!"

Jared burst into giggles saying "I know what you mean and even better, we're Sam and Dean!"

Jenny looked down seeing Dean's amulet then raised Jensen's hand seeing the silver ring "We timed it perfectly"

Jared nodded then giggled again then gasped, grabbing Jensen's arms "I just had an idea.... we can SO make them kiss!"

Jensen's mouth dropped open "Gabby I'd say that's a little gay but.... Its fucking brilliant" Jensen said grinning wide and pounced on Jared, wrapping arms and legs around Jared's body knocking him down and they began frantically kissing.

A loud cough interrupted them "Ahh excuse me guys?"

Jared and Jensen pulled apart and looked up from where they were laying on the ground and saw Eric Kripke standing there staring at them wide eyed. They looked past him and saw other people, the crew, looking shocked, surprised and grinning at them.

"Oh my god.... Its Eric Kripke!" they both squealed again.

Eric frowned and turned to Kim Manners who was holding back laughter "They do know Sam and Dean don't kiss in this scene, don't they?"

Kim grinned at Eric "I think we should have left out the slash stuff out of the show"

Misha who was watching the scene frowned and said "But why was Jensen calling Jared Gabby?"

The End.

Comments are made of awesome!


I only got upto the 5th episode (the Paris ep) and it got taken off tv *sobs* but its FINALLY back on Aussie tv! *cheers*
ps - sorry bout caps lol

spn storyfinders?

hey does anyone know how long a request takes to be posted?
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I don't know the authors names unfortunately which makes it harder... sorry.

Thanks again f-list!

Writer's Block: Sense and sensibility

sight because I read alot and I always have subtitles when I watch dvds so it wouldn't matter plus I'm a shit cook so I wouldn't have to taste or smell it either (though I'd feel sorry for my son lol) hearing would be the one I'd miss the 2nd most because music is a big part of my world


I just found out and made a little something... crack was involved!

Holy Prostate Batman update...

I've just wrote 2 pages which is amazing as the chapter I'm writing is the guys 1st day filmin and i really suck at writing how things work on a set! *headdesk*

I'm gona continue just warnin those that r waitin 4 my ass to write the next chapter that its gona suck lol

*continues writing chapter 6*

Writer's Block: Message in a bottle

easy.... me, myself and I *giggles*

Writer's Block: Super-human

oohhh the million dollar question... I don't think anyone can pick just one, I know I can't but I'm just greedy.... but I'll try to answer.

I'll give a list and answers to why I picked them then give my final answer at the bottom...

1 - Flying - DUH! quick, cheap way to travel, can see my parents more often but the best would being able to fly to Vancouver *wink wink, nudge nudge*

2 - Mind Reading - so I know who's gonna fuck me over and who's my real friends... also I'd probably blackmail some rich bastard and get $$$ (I can be a bitch but not sure if I'm up on that level lol)

3 - Invisibility - hmmm, I'll admit I'm a perv (hell I get off listening to my neighbours have sex) and there's a few ppl I'd like to watch (not necessarily naked) and see what they do when they think no ones watching, mostly curiosity... this would be a bad power for paparazzi to have

4 - Invincibility - this one's easy and probably the most that makes me look nice lol... I'd want this power because I'm a single mum and my son is all I have, I'd die to protect him but he'd be alone so having invincibility would solve that and I'd probably go around saving kitten from trees or some shit like that as well

5 - water power - I'd love to be able to create water with my bare hands. where I used to live has been in drought for the last ten years, lots of farming areas and there's plenty of other farms around Australia that need it

6 - super speed - living with just me and my son, I hate it when I've run out of bread or milk and have to get us dressed just to go out and grab it, so if I had super speed, I'd chuck a Clark Kent/Superman and zip to the store and back before anyone would notice

7 - super strength - as mentioned above, just me and son and it's a pain in the ass moving heavy things by myself.... also I'd arm wrestle guys to win money *cheeky grin*

8 - morphing - not sure it's "proper" name but the ability to change myself into someone else (dude, totally go an amazing idea for a J2 story!!!)

9 - time travel - go back in time and fix things I've done to other people and fuck over those who've fucked me over first.... also go back and see what my parents were like and get blackmail material *evil cackling*

10 - telekinesis - I'm a lazy bitch... simple as that lol

11 - healing powers - but I'd want it to go both ways, to heal myself and others... heal the world... I'd be famous....hmm don't like that part but healing and saving people would be awesome

12 - psychic - unless I'm mixed it up with something else then I want to be able to predict the future

13 - mind control - this answers childish and selfish but I'd use it to make people that hurt me and embarrass them while watching and laughing

So after going through 13 answers my final answer is *drum roll* I want Peter Petrelli's power from Heroes... that way I can have everything!! *looks pleased with herself and answer*

is seriously confused and disappointed....

I haven't watched a single episode of season 5 yet (still waiting for brother to download them then post to me) so I've been trying to keep away from spoilers etc but I just found out something and I'm hoping it's not true.... about an episode (lol I don't even know which one it is)... someone appearing on it... hence the subject line *points up* so I only have 5 words to say